Alaska Direct Process LLC

Service Fee (Includes 1st 25 miles) $65.00
Service Fee for Out of State Documents
(Includes 1st 25 miles) $65.00
Each Mile exceeding 1st 25 Miles $00.50
Pickup & Delivery Service $15.00
Rush/ Same Day Service $20.00
Issue Legal Documents/ Walk-Thru $20.00
Address Locate to Achieve Service $25.00
Posting & Inspection of Property
(Anchorage or Eagle River) $65.00
Posting in Three Places (Anchorage) $65.00
Execution Packages
Standard Service Charges
Bank Sweep $100.00
(Performed on the 1st of each month, or first business
day following, includes 13 major banks & credit unions)
(Does not include service of exemption package upon debtor)
Bank Sweep $150.00
(Performed on day other than scheduled)
Single Bank Sweep $65.00
Permanent Fund Dividend Execution $45.00

Address Search $25.00
Serving Papers Outside Service Areas
(Call for quotes and availability)